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Bankstown womens health

Bankstown Central, shopping Centre

That's how I developed interest in these topics.

We stopped at Mado Cafe for lunch after. A reader writes: "A very caring specialist who explains everythng so clearly - he is very knowledge and kind, approachable and has time to listen." (March 2009).

I am so glad that she referred me to Dr Alan Hadley. I highly recommend Dr Berkowski for anyone who cannot get a diagnosis or proper treatment for hypothyroidism from a general practitioner or endocrinologist. Also has female doctor Jocelyn Cullingford working in same practice dealing with womens issues, depression fatigue PMS menopause both very thorough doctors and most importantly willing to listen and let you have some in put on your health.

If it were not for her care and treatments I would not have been able to study full time and work these past three years, and now I am entering proper full time employment for the first time in my life thanks to the level.

I can't tell you how well I feel and most of my problems have gone. Since I had developed thyroid resistance it was definitely not the answer.

He has tested me for so many other related things through blood tests and other hormone tests, seeing the big picture in all of these findings. My time frame is now in terms of "before Ludka "after Ludka". This is the first that has to me, he said "Jenni, I treat patient symptom not blood test results." What a guy!

Save.00, no Xplode XE Edge by BSN.

Dzung Price, Natural hormones, 4 Albert Ave, Broadbeach Ashgrove, Brisbane, Gold Coast Brisbane (07) Fax (07)55390034. I have complete confidence in her ability to restore people back to normal.

2006) A fan: Doctor Ludka Berkowski is a life saver. Burn Protein by Maxine's, pure proteins in the right balance to help you burn fat, tone boost energy.

(He specifically asked to be removed from this list, saying that he does not want to be associated with a patient-oriented list of top thyroid doctors, and does not want patients who would find him via this list.). He writes a letter back to my GP each visit to tell him my progress and suggests future treatment- and my GP can contact him to discuss anything. As she has had the disease herself, she knows exactly what to look for and orders far more tests than any other doctor I have been to over the years.

Dr Alan Hadley prescribes both "mainstream" and "complementary" tests and can interpret both types of results.

Another recommendation: A reader writes: "He is a down to earth, open-minded gentle practitioner.

A very human human." (Added 6/02). I have sent other patients to her and they have found similar turnarounds, especially regarding the treatment of Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothyroidism.