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Rochester womens health

Brittany Paivanas, Highland Womens Health - Obstetrics

These look like tiny little balloon structures and vary from inch to an inch in diameter. These cysts are often yellow in color because of the cholesterol (which is a fat) in them.

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It you are using a drainage/douche bag hold it no more than shoulder height or lower. Although douching immediately after intercourse may help flush some semen out of the vaginal area (but this is debatable the fact is, sperm travels quickly. Heres how they occur.

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You should douche no more than once a week.

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Cysts occur as part of every menstrual cyclebut most women do not experience pain during every menstrual cycle. Occasionally, these corpus luteum cysts can grow quite large3 to 4 inches in diameter. Another kind occurs after ovulation and is called a corpus luteum cyst.

Corpus luteum cysts last about 14 days before they dissolve and allow the next cycle to begin. Cysts are filled with fluid and all fluids show up on ultrasound as black.