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7 Crazy-Interesting Facts About Your, clitoris, women

Related: The Better Sex Workout But if you do, here's a strategy: keep contracting your pelvic muscles on your own (by squeezing and releasing the way you would if you were holding in your urine stream suggests. Try having your partner use slow, deep strokes, or if his penis is too much, use fingers or a vibrator. According to their website, this week is about celebrating your sexual beautyand we can definitely get behind that.

The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. This tissue responds to sexual arousal by filling with blood and becoming harder and erect.

But what you might not know is that your c-spot could reach its max pleasure potential. Plus it swells when it's aroused.", It Has One Job, the clitoris has one function, meaning its entire existence is devoted to accomplishing that one task, and that task is pleasure. The fluid is typically clear and doesn't resemble urine, and there can be a moderate amount released or a full-on gush.

Every woman prefers a different types of touch here to reach climax. Women reach a certain heightened state of ecstasy with their first orgasm, and then can stay up there on this plateau, says. So if your clitoris starts feeling way too sensitive, lighten up the stimulation and pay more attention to surrounding areas., Positioning is Everything, different sex positions have different effects on your clitoris.

"It could cause the whole uterus to contract during an orgasmthere can be massive contractions in the whole area she adds. If fingers, a toy, or a penis fills the vagina enough at the high end of it and those nerves are really stimulated, it can be very, very pleasurable, she believes.

Identifying the clitoris may or may not be difficult for you to do by touch, but paying close attention to your partner's reactions may help you figure out if you're in the area and/or touching your partner in ways that they enjoy.

D., sex therapist and author.

The clitoris is the go-to sweet spot for most women when they want to experience the pleasure and release of an orgasm. Some love it and others don't care for it at all. Having it touched, caressed, or stroked via direct or indirect stimulation (in other words, through fabric, or by touching the labia surrounding the clitoris) prompts an increase in blood flow to the area, making the clitoris engorged and in need of release.

Related: How Risky Is Anal Sex? G-spot stimulation is the type of touching that typically leads to squirting.

The more stimulation there is, the more blood flow will result, and the bigger the orgasm will be, says. Advertisement 4 of 12, blended orgasm, if you can handle two, three, or even four times the intensity and pleasure of a regular O, this kind of orgasm is for you.

But caressing and teasing the area surrounding the urethra has also been known to result in a soak-the-sheets climax. Advertisement 5 of 12 jhorrocks/Getty Images, anal orgasm, anal sex or anal play isn't every woman's cup of tea.

It's not something you can see but you can usually feel it; insert a finger into your vagina and press forward (making a come-hither motion). A blended orgasm is a climax that happens when more than one erogenous zone is being stimulated at the same time. . But cervical stimulation is linked to strong, intense orgasms, she says.

Prudence Hall, MD, gynecologist and medical director of the Hall Center in Southern California. . Next is the O-spot (for orgasm which can be found on the back wall of the vagina, almost behind the cervix.

Advertisement 2 of 12, clitoral orgasm. Want more fun facts about the female anatomy? Alfred Kinsey, an American biologist and the founder of the Institute of Sex Research at Indiana University, called it "the center of female pleasure." We cant say for sure Kinseys proclamation is the reason why, but it was written back into medical literature.

Many combinations of touching and teasing can trigger a blended orgasm, but if you're looking to have one with a partner, consider the woman on top position (your hands, and your partner's, are free to touch your clitoris, breasts, or butt) or bringing a vibrator into.