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The statistical importance of the differences, compared to quality criteria, was estimated by the criterion 2 or (with a small number of observations) to Fishers exact criterion. During the study, the information was collected by a selective method, tracing the data from the statistical medical documentation of medical treatment facilities, the statistical information of the State committee on statistics of Russia with its subsequent entering in electronic worksheets Excel.

Complications of the postnatal period also were in minimum quantity: anaemia among 21, endometritis among.0, uterus subinvolution among.0 (p.05).

This group of women makes no more than 30 of all pregnant women, but it defines about 2/3 of perinatal losses 2, 3,.

Studying the pregnancy run of the 2nd group women revealed that somatopathies were observed among.0 of women, adiposity of the 1st-2nd degree - among.0, vegeto-vascular dystonia among.16.74 of patients. The use of materials without written permission - is prohibited.

The proportion of body mass and body height is a basic indicator at estimation of the state of health of pregnant women.

Thus, women with UWB, at planning of pregnancy, should estimate carefully the state of somatic and genesial health for the purpose of prophylaxis of complications of pregnancy run, childbirth, postnatal period and perinatal pathology of a newborn infant. Studying and analysis of the run of childbirth and the postnatal period among women of experimental groups revealed a high level of complications among women with UWB. Price:.50, wicks Moisture, lightweight, tagless, fit: Relaxed, whether you are: running, hiking, spinning, doing yoga, jogging, at the gym, or simply having fun.

Gruzinova, silyeva,.A.tutubalina, tHE peculiarities OF pregnancy AND labours. An average age of women of the 1st group was.62,05 years, that of the 2nd.9.89 years (p .05).

Women of the 2nd group had a low percent of operating maneuvres and aids in childbirth in comparison with the women with UWB, a low level of complications in childbirth and a minimum quantity of ruptures of the perineum and the vagina.

Nutrition in pregnancy /.S.Williamson / Nutr. 68 of women with UWB had complications of pregnancy run authentically more often. It detected a high rate of complications of pregnancy, labours and postnatal period that proves the necessity of profound clinical and laboratory examination of the women with underweight body together with their early admission in order to correct somatic and obstetrical pathology and to prevent.

During pregnancy, 78 of women with UWB were hospitalised in the obstetric hospital, where they received treatment apropos: threats of premature birth (54 placental insufficiency (61 anaemia (57 gestosis (56 syndrome of foetus growth catch-up (48).

Statistical analysis of medical data. Studying the childbirth run of women with UWB determined a high percent of premature birth, operating maneuvers and aids (Table 2). Clothing Size : L, qty:, free shipping, arrives by Friday, Feb 9, ship to 94066.