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Karamojong womens health

Katine: Who are the Karamojong?

Tepeth and Pokot women and girls pointed out that because they still have animals (often in greater numbers than the Bokora or Matheniko there is no need to engage in natural resource exploitation. Male names mostly begin with "Lo" whilst female names begin with "Na thus Lokiru and Nakiru are a boy and a girl born at the time of rain. They stole nearly all the cattle, causing estimated herd sizes to drop to 72,000 by 1989 in Acholiland and Lango.

Mothers listen to a health worker promote better and balanced nutrition for children and mothers. Young girls assist their mothers or other female relatives with domestic duties, including caring for younger children. We had some pretty valuable stuff - fuel, money, food.

In some cases a woman may be able to reject a suitor whom she does not fancy, even one who has sufficient bride price.

All neck ornaments were taken off and the widow would, in addition, remove her earrings.

A doctor at the Kanawat Health Centre III, in Panyangara Sub-County of northeastern Uganda, Kotido District, dispenses basic medicines to members of the community receiving outpatient treatment.

Elder women perform the ceremony with a special knife sharpened with a stone.

This delay in handing over power from one generation-set to the next is unprecedented.

Clan members are expected to help the parents if they cannot meet the needs of their children (for example, a clan might be asked to help pay medical bills).

A TBA cuts the umbilical cord, which is then buried in a secret place near the mothers hut. By 1910, a private army operated in Turkana border lands with Ethiopia and Sudan, which were organized in units of between six hundred and one thousand fighters.

General tendency is to assume that the "Y" sound comes from the conjunction of the vowels rather than being a separate letter, but not exclusively. The senior generation-set is now very old, and many of its members have died, while others are infirm. The ekokwa consist of male elders, but women may present their problems or requests at these fora as well.

This consultation process arose out of the important, and in some cases essential, roles played by different groups in the manyattas and kraals in the planning and implementation of the raid.