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Luque, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor Florida A M University Institute of Public Health Topics Cancer Community health workers Farmers and farmworkers Health screening Hispanics and Latinos Sexual and reproductive health Wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention Women Please contact the models and innovations contact directly. Are certified paraprofessionals recognized by the.S.

Working in homes, churches, schools, and other places where women meet, Promotoras are typically regarded as trusted and respected community leaders, making it easier to offer more effective, culturally sensitive education and interventions that result in better outcomes.

Through a partnership with the, puerto Rican Cultural Center and, planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, the Promotoras, or community health workers, in Springfield, Mass., have been providing sexual health education to their community in group and individual settings to raise awareness and increase access. Salud es Vida: Development of a Cervical Cancer Education Curriculum for. Women in rural areas have increased difficulty getting connected to healthcare services, as newer immigrant-receiving areas often have a limited number of Spanish-speaking healthcare professionals.

As studies clearly show, teen pregnancy and birth rates are much related to high school drop out rates. Folic acid is a synthetic (man-made) form of folate, a B vitamin that is present naturally in foods.

The communities of Holyoke and Springfield experience the highest teen birth rates in the state,.4 and.3 per 1,000, respectively, compared to 22 per 1,000 for the state as a whole.

Live in the community and share its values, culture, and language.

2017 published online ahead of print. Main Findings from This Study, this study found that among women who received the initial education session and the follow-up sessions, the number of women who reported consuming folic acid from vitamins or multivitamins increased, and they had a better understanding that folic acid can.

She has a very intelligent 5-year-old daughter, Lenalisse, and a wonderful supportive husband.

Luque presented a webinar called "Cervical Cancer Screening and HPV Vaccine: Outreach Strategies for Latina Women" for the Society of Public Health Education (sophe).

In this study, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other scientists found that small group education sessions and one-on-one connections between promotoras and Hispanic women in the communities they serve can help to increase awareness, knowledge, and consumption of folic acid.

Description, salud es Vida, which translates to "Health is Life is a curriculum and intervention program that was developed for promotora outreach in rural southern Georgia. They also expressed a willingness to promote positive awareness behaviors to the members in their community, such as promoting cancer screening.

The outreach toolkit for promotoras to conduct 2-hour group education sessions, or charlas, with community participants consists of a flipchart, a DVD, and a brochure. Over a timeframe of 2 weeks, 7 volunteer promotoras completed 2 cervical cancer education modules, each of which took 6 hours to complete.

Promotoras are lay health workers who serve the communities in which they live.