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Santhal womens health

The Changing Status of Women in West Bengal, : The

For instance, eclampsia is common among women in later stages of pregnancy and manifests as high blood pressure. "And then there is greed and violence.". "There is a lot of confusion and tension in the community as they come into close proximity with the outside world says Mr Deb.

Many women have severe iron deficiencies and are at high risk because after the delivery their blood does not clot, the uterus does not contract and the woman may die of post-partum bleeding. If doctors detect this early, they can put the woman on hypertension medicine till the foetus is removed through a caesarean section, said Lindsay Barnes of Jan Chetna Manch who has worked among rural women in Bokaro villages since 1993. Bodding created the first alphabet and wrote the first grammar for the Santhali-speaking native people in eastern India.

"I know of a case when a Santhal woman was paraded naked by her community after she was spotted having lunch with a Muslim man in Birbhum.

The Santal mostly speak, santali. Since this year we have tried to increase institutional deliveries.

Twenty km away in Ghanghrabandh village in Poreyhat, Denmey Murmu described she had watched her only daughter Talabiti Marandi, 22, die after giving birth.

5 A yearly round of rituals connected with the agricultural cycle, along with life-cycle rituals for birth, marriage and burial at death, involve petitions to the spirits and offerings that include the sacrifice of animals, usually birds.

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Pregnant women are meant to get Iron and Folic Acid (IFA) supplements tablets - each costs 20 paise - after their second trimester but Jharkhand government stopped distributing these for two years after the central government discontinued providing the tablets between 2010-12.

What went so wrong? New Delhi: Manohar Book Service, 1976. Muslims deny it says Mr Deb.

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