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Maimonides womens health

Brooklyn Obstetrics Gynecology (OB/GYN) Maimonides Medical

I felt extremely proud of myself for being able to stand up on the stage and give a presentation to all of the doctors. The Jaffe Stroke Center is among the top 10 in the country.

Then, I was sent an email stating that I was assigned to the neurosurgery department and I would get to shadow a doctor by the name.

Applicants will be notified by email.

For me to get into Women in Science was completely tough, since I had to write a great essay.

Maimonides is home to Brooklyn's only full-service Cancer Center and fully-accredited Breast Center. Automatically, I knew I would have a lot to learn from her. Application form, the Women in Science Program at Maimonides Medical Center, led by Donna-Marie Manasseh, MD, Director of the Maimonides Breast Cancer Program, provides a unique opportunity for qualified female applicants to participate in a summer program during which the candidates intern, under the guidance.

After having spent a few days observing.

Karamitopoulos, he gave me a series of tests to challenge me and see what information I had absorbed. As we went into the OR, I was overwhelmed. Working with a neurosurgeon (since that is the field I would love to pursue).

Shiferson and 10 passionate individuals. . I thought that I was too young to be offered any sort of great experience, however, I had hope that I would be proven wrong and I truly was.

As a part of Maimonides, our team works closely with other specialty areas and services should the need arise.

Stroke Neurosciences, the best stroke and neurological care. I remember ignoring the shooting pain in my foot as I stood observing; refusing to admit that I needed to step out for a moment of rest.

It was while networking that I met lead x-ray tech John. We strive to understand your needs and will offer you the specialized care you expect.   assist surgeons in an outpatient setting, learning more about the direct patient experience   join surgeons in the operating room to view firsthand the process of surgery and healing   use the simulation equipment to operate on a patient   join resident-led lectures and.

Parental waiver form must be submitted. Karamitopoulos made a distal incision after inserting an anesthetic.

Over the course of this program I was able to experience shadowing a physician and understanding the responsibility and discipline that comes with a medical profession. We utilize the latest information and advanced technology to diagnosis and treat patients, and are proud to be a part of more than 8,000 labor and deliveries every year.