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Delaware womens health

Office of Women s Health - Delaware Health and Social Services

Our team can help you learn more about what to expect.

The Office of Womens Health (OWH) was established by legislation to address womens health issues across their lifespan through forums, programs, and initiatives designed to educate the public regarding womens health and healthy lifestyles. The OWHs dedication spans the lifetime of a woman, from adolescents through postmenopausal stages.

These appointments will be scheduled once a period is missed. To make an appointment, call the Gynecology Clinic at 831-8035.

The OWH serves as a resource for information regarding womens health data, strategies, services, and programs to include concerns relating to adolescent, reproductive, menopausal, and postmenopausal phases of a womens life. Our team will be happy to consult with you regarding your anesthesia needs.

Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery. Family Health Services, Screening for Life, DPH HIV/aids Program and the, wIC Program.

DuPont Hospital for Children so that you and your newborn can have access to the best care possible.

Women can make healthy changes for themselves and their families, but sometimes they cant do it alone. Some of the outreach programs are comprised of promoting healthy living through health fairs, literature, conferences, trainings and screenings.

Accomplishments include increasing the awareness about cancer and other diseases, raising the numbers of breastfeeding mothers, and increasing the health and life expectancy of newborns in Delaware. We are committed to encouraging women to learn more about things that affect their health and to engage in healthier lifestyles. The office has made significant strides in improving the health of Delaware women by partnering with other public health sections, such.

Original prescriptions for hormonal methods from outside care providers can NOT be filled at the Student Health Prescription Supply Store. Patients who would like to schedule for just a routine, sTD screen can call or can make an appointment online. .

If you are uncomfortable or very worried, we always try to arrange for you to be seen the same day you call, but that is not always possible. That exam should include a pelvic and breast exam, pap smear, and STI test results if performed. Obstetric Anesthesia Services, the obstetric anesthesia team has trained extensively in administering safe dosages of sedatives to mothers during labor.

Please call in advance to schedule this appointment or make your appointment online. Patients with urgent problems will be seen as soon as possible, but please call in advance to speak with the triage nurse, that way we can determine how best to meet your needs. Our certified lactation consultants can help you learn the basics of breastfeeding and assist you if your baby is having trouble latching.

Each newsletter features a message from a prominent Delawarean who works toward the betterment of womens health. You do not usually need to visit the gynecologist once a year, but you should speak with your doctor about your risk factors for gynecological disorders and cancer. Hours/Location, during the academic year, Clinic hours for appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday, 8am-11:30am, and 1-4pm.

Limited summer hours; call for an appointment. For more information, review the Contraception/Emergency Contraception link below. For more information on the Vaccine, you can check out the CDC website at: STD Facts - HPV Vaccine, pregnancy Testing and Counseling.

We do like to have the first morning urine for testing accuracy. We operate numerous obstetrics and gynecology offices throughout New Castle County, offering the latest in medical procedures from highly experienced medical professionals.

Newsletters: For More Information: Please note: Some of the files available on this page are in Adobe PDF format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Additional community partners are the. You should start planning out your gynecology visits by age.