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Give Me Liberty Libertarianism

Dorothy Thompson published I Saw Hitler, reporting that the little man was a false alarm because his illogical program could not influence the logical German mind, and to me she exclaimed exultantly, Rose! Centralized economic power endeavoring to plan and to control the economic processes of a modern nation is under a necessity, either to fail or to tend to become absolute power in every province of human life. From the parrot-intellectuals came a din, Everythings changed now, theres no more free land, and Freedom - for what?

What future could be predicted for such a lack of government, in such a situation?

The only human mass with a common will is a mob, and that will is a temporary insanity.

Its existence depends upon abolishing these reactionary state controls and destroying the socialist State. The war drags along, a little frontier war fought with valor by a few rebels and neglected by England, whose vital interests are elsewhere.

Electric power, for instance, has hardly begun to be exploited. For it must take great and ever-increasing numbers of men from productive activity and set them to dreary work amid coils of red tape and masses of papers recording what other men have done and may perhaps be permitted to do, and ordered. Representative government cannot express the will of the mass of the people, because there is no mass of the people; The People is a fiction, like The State.

No one considers how rigid such regulations become, nor that they must become rigid and resist change because their underlying purpose is to preserve men from the risks of chance and change in flowing time. They are a hundred million individuals with a hundred million backgrounds, characters, tastes, ambitions and degrees of ability.

There was an American sewing machine, and the samovar was a proud samovar.

This happened forty years ago. Each village cultivated as much as it needed. Its leaders continue to play the 70-year-old American professional sport of vote-getting, called politics.

Somewhere in the slums of New York, a dirty stairway went up from the filthy sidewalk.

But how is it possible to embody this intent in the mechanisms of government since any government of multitudes of men must be one man, or a few men, in power over the many? The only such country is the United States of America.

Horse and buggy became a term of contempt, and now and then, in filling stations or truckers all-night lunchrooms, you heard, Well, thats so, the Constitutions getting pretty old now, maybe its time to have something new. Americans were singing, Happy Days are here again! Beastly handicap, you know.

For your own refuge, withdrawal from drugs ought to be supervised medically. I began at last to question the value of this personal freedom which had seemed so inherently right.

We were reactionaries, undermining the real world revolution at its source, in our own country.

But if this chaos were replaced by a system, a social order so perfect that there would be no trace of selfishness in it, an order perfectly functioning for the sole purpose of serving the public good, these men must be replaced by a bureaucracy. The Italians said firmly, No, signora.

Americans dont want liberty any more. As long as our form of government stands, there can be no such control. Forty years ago they needed no cash money whatever except to pay their taxes.