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Beguiling womens health

Let s talk about the gender differences that really matter

The debt crisis would initiate a new and unprecedented form of bondage for the Third World. Medieval Womens Choir, under Margriet Tindemans artistic direction, the Seattle-based Medieval Womens Choir is more eclectic than it sounds, spicing its choral offerings with occasional instrumental interludes and serving up a medieval text or two in contemporary musical settings.

These zones are essentially industrial enclaves within a country. In their attempts to maintain their families, the women they left behind stretched their working hours to pick up the shortfall. Hunt is a deceptively experimental writer.

They can therefore be paid substantially less than others. Their experiences, concerns and needs must be a central part of the groundwork for understanding and transforming this global economy.

Highlights include new compositions by Peter Seibert and Tindemans herself, as well as work by Franco-Flemish composer Johannes Ciconia (c. The actions against the IMF and World Bank called for April 16-17 in Washington,.C.

What explains such persistent poverty? ATC 85, March-April 2000. What's at stake are the lives of women and the survival of much of humanity.

According to the World Bank, women make up 40 of the world's workforce in agriculture, a quarter in industry, and a third in services. This liberalization actually establishes a global assembly line fueled by the sweat of women in export processing zones. This is a guest editorial, for the occasion of International Women's Day, written for.

Country after country was forced to sacrifice its development trajectory, exploiting its people and natural resources in the interest of streamlining its economy to acquire the wherewithal to remain creditworthy.

It abruptly shifts to being narrated by a woman who is helping counsel 13 pregnant girls, all students at the same high school. Some of that went to constructive domestic programs, while much was lost to corruption and private foreign accounts. Most Read Stories, michael Upchurch, Seattle Times arts writer.

whose intricate twinnings of voice with voice or fiddle with recorder never quite land in the place you think theyre going to land. At just over 20 pages, its tale of a brother and sister dealing with the fallout of their fathers death from lung cancer whispers at the richness of a full-length novel.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, in the face of an explosion of money available from transnational banks and the World Bank, many would borrow far more financial resources than their economies could sustain.

Photo, samantha Hunts The Dark Dark.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the current global economic integration, based on the neoliberal (so-called free market) policies dominant since the 1970s, contrary to raising global living standards for most, threatens to literally exploit them to death. Like any daring writer worth her salt, Hunt now and then launches a dud firecracker.

Structural adjustment polices and austerity measures imposed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for dealing with the debt established their now notorious legacy for their adverse social and economic impact on ordinary lives. The zones often have no linkages to the rest of the domestic economy; infrastructure such as roads, electricity and factory shells are sometimes provided at the expense of the local government; labor union regulations which are legal for the rest of the economy are aggressively. Women in particular, in both the developing and industrial world, are at risk.