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Udmurtia womens health

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Larger cities are served by an extensive rail and bus system, but in rural areas bus service is very erratic, and many small or remote villages are not served by any sort of public transportation. Not only was there specific clothing and specific foods for the rituals, but also a rich repertoire of songs reserved specifically for weddings.

In addition, Udmurtia's suicide rate is one of the highest in the Russian Federation. Youll Need #MyPersonalBest Then The year of YOU 8 Wellness Spas And Retreats To Add To Your 2018 Bucket List well travelled 9 Nutribullet Recipes That Youll Actually Make More Than Once And they're easy Gym Motivation: What 11 PTs Do When They Dont Want. In addition, during the Soviet era, potatoes became an important feature of the Udmurt diet.

Ouch, meet The Skincare Product That Is Sold Every 2 Minutes. Traditionally, Inmar is conceived of as inhabiting the sky. The most elaborate of the Udmurt rites of passage is the wedding ceremony, which traditionally involved very complex rituals and extensive feasting and other festivities.

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In winter, woolen garments, as well as reversed sheepskin coats were worn. It is likely that the Udmurts became the subjects of the Volga Bulgarians, a Turkic group who in the early 8th century formed the first state in the Volga region to appear in historical sources. BBC World Service: Short editions Monday-Friday - see World Service programme schedule.

During the Soviet era, authorities discouraged the Udmurts' traditional religious holidays, both Christian and native, and the observation of the sanctioned Soviet holidays became widespread among the Udmurts.

In these cases, villagers hitch rides with passing trucks or cars, ride horses or horse-drawn wagons, or simply walk from one village to another.

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Northern Udmurt were traditionally poor and continue to be so today as a result of the shorter growing season and poor soil of northern Udmurtia.

After the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, the Soviet authorities, in keeping with the policy of granting at least the appearance of cultural and territorial autonomy to the national minorities of the former Russian empire, created the Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (Udassr which was subordinate.

The southern Udmurts wore more colorful clothing and, in terms of fabric and design, their clothing was influenced to a degree by Tatar folk dress. Before World War II, most of Udmurtia was covered in evergreen and deciduous forests. This dialect, which some linguists consider a separate language, differs substantially from the other Udmurt dialects.

This characterization is equally valid for "unbaptized" Udmurts, and the Christianized ones, because the Eastern Orthodox holidays were themselves closely connected to the agricultural calendar; on that level, the transition from native to Christian holidays did not significantly alter their celebration by the Udmurts. How to listen to From Our Own Correspondent : BBC Radio 4: Saturdays at 11:30 Listen online or download the podcast.