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Womens health feminism

Feminist, women s Health, center in Atlanta - Abortion

Through education and teaching breast and cervical self-exam techniques (self-help they encouraged women to become participants in and more demanding consumers of health care. Cliff Valley Clinic is nationally recognized for our excellence, safety, and compassion in abortion medicine., national Women's Health Network - continues to be a source for the latest research on women's health topics. Our licensed physicians perform all surgical abortion and medical abortion services.

This opened the door to women's health activists within the Women's Liberation Movement to organize and open feminist abortion clinics.

Since 1977, the, feminist Women's Health Center (fwhc) has strived to empower women through service, education, and advocacy. . Some of these groups were: Reproductive Rights National Network (R2NR2) - explored and drafted position papers on a variety of reproductive health issues.

The Women's Health Movement: Feminist Alternatives to Medical Control, Susan Ruzek. Public Privates: Performing Gynecology from Both Ends of the Speculum, Terri Kapsalis, Duke University Press, Durham, NC, 1997.

Praeger, New York, 1978., at the same time, woman-centered health centers focused on providing alternatives to the existing patriarchal model of gynecological care and offered access to care for underserved populations.

Black Women's Health Project - focused on inequities in access to health care for African American women.

Boston Women's Health Book Collective - continues to identify and define issues in women's health in the groundbreaking book, Our Bodies, Ourselves. As Atlanta's leading non-profit women's health resource, we have earned an outstanding reputation for providing quality care and community education, while working to improve women's health. .

Our reputation for quality abortion care is the result of our dedication to providing professional and respectful healthcare services. We believe in informed consent and we want you to know the facts to make the best decision for yourself.

These clinics opened in cities and towns around the country. Specially trained and caring health advocates support each client before, during, and after the procedure., federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers - remains a network of nationwide health centers that provide abortions and gyne care, based on a feminist model.

White, ed, Seal Press, Seattle, 1994). In 1973, the Supreme Court decriminalized abortion through the landmark case Roe. As a result, a number of regional and national grassroots organizations were established to work on identifying and changing abuses and inequities in health care delivery.

Carasa - worked on education about and lobbying efforts to end non-consensual sterilization of poor women and women of color. Our center embraces a holistic approach to health care and wellness. Cwhc was one of the first of these clinics and has continued to offer this model of care for over 40 years.