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On Saturday, at one of the protests, I gave a speech to the crowd that was directed at Polish gynaecologists. These words mobilised even more women. And they are shocking to those of us living in countries with liberal regimes.

In Poland, women in the retirement age group can access their entitlements enshrined by legislation from the pre-transition period.

This month, saw the start of a debate in Poland around abortion legislation backed by the Catholic church.

11, all the indicators show that poverty in Poland is not abating and in fact, as the economic crisis advances the situation is worsening.

What we consider old-fashioned family values those that see women primarily as wives and mothers - are being placed at the heart of new written constitutions.

Womens entrepreneurship is very often a part of ministerial rhetoric, as well as major events on womens status such as the Womens Congress 13 where womens entrepreneurship becomes a catch all for promotion of the status of women. In a process of political transformation of the State, radical conservatives lobbied to introduce the abortion debate on the political agenda. The effects of rapid mass privatization (as opposed to more gradual restructuring such as that performed in Russia, point to an increase.8 in mortality rates among men in Russia with the burden of providing for and provisioning for children falling exclusively on women.

However, women approaching retirement age who are covered by new legislation linking pension level to earned income and to the overall performance of private pension funds receive pensions below minimum wage level an extremely small amount. Women in Poland already face harsh restrictions on abortion.

Zapomnij o zalotce i powiece cikiej od kilku warstw cieni.

The first reporting period occurred in 2000. The climate during the transition from the communist regime to democracy, allowed the Catholic Church to present the existing laws favorable to abortion as the remnant of the godless communism. The commitment of the Church in Rome and the Popes support played a key role in exerting political pressure to criminalize abortion.

The Second National Program for Action on behalf of Women was implemented.

But, in 19, when Poland embarked on the free-market road, the first casualties were women garment workers, as inefficient factories closed and nothing replaced them. They call us Nazis and say that we are no better than Hitler because we think a woman should have be able to choose whether she gives birth to a seriously sick child but we are used to such comparisons.

Saying it is so, does not make it so and this is why women from Poland and other countries will continue to resort to dangerous options: bribing doctors, travelling abroad, buying abortion medication on the internet and using every means in the arsenal of their imagination.

According to Polish sociologist Piotr Szumlewicz, in spite of the fact that womens poverty is considered a priority for the Polish Ministry of Work and Social Policy, actions to deal with the effects of the economic crisis and the increase in poverty among the female. EWL Statement on the occasion of the Beijing15 Meetings in Geneva, 29 October 03 November 2009. Where it often doesnt exist, there would be fewer unwanted pregnancies and less of a need for abortions.

Czaruj stylem, trendy w makijau oczu na karnawa. The Ministry perceives the promotion of entrepreneurship as the only one way to resist poverty among women, although it is not supporting this idea since there are no financial resources or programs available to those who chose to take this route.

Association for Womens Rights in Development (awid). These investments make both social and economic sense because these would firstly create jobs in the public sector (where a high number of women are represented) and secondly ease the disproportionate burden on women to enable them to participate in all areas of society. 7, this dynamic is worsened by the current global economic crisis.