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Keene, New Hampshire 03435 (603) (603) (Fax).

Responding to mental ill health at work is the key driver behind Mindful Employer NZ, a new programme set to be launched in the Waikato region next week. Resources/Links, workplace Safety and Health Visit Request Form.

To be eligible for the Workwise NH consultation service, businesses must: Be located in New Hampshire.

At any one time, one in six employees will be experiencing a mental health issue and failing to respond to this can cost employers up to 2,000 per employee per year. Mental health plays a big part in any organisation, of any size, in any industry.

Have 250 or fewer employees at one site and fewer than 500 employees in total. Federal regulations have the full force and effect of law. We will contact you to answer any additional questions and if requested, set up a date and time to conduct a visit.

Keene State College, rhodes Hall, M Main.

Click on the title of this news article to read this media release. Contact Workwise NH, wayne Hartz, Project Manager, workwise.

To request a visit or more information, please complete this form and press submit when completed. Whether an employer has a question about the safe use of a specific piece of equipment or is looking to establish a workplace safety program, consultants are available to provide employers with such assistance. Rules/Regulatory, federal regulations are administrative rules promulgated by federal agencies and are used to specify the implementation of a statute.

Although these services are primarily targeted to small businesses, the program welcomes the opportunity to assist employers of any size.

Formerly the NH Occupational Safety Health Program, now a program of Keene State College and located in Keene, Workwise NH provides free, on-site occupational safety and health consultation services to eligible employers.

WorkWise, occupational, health, please feel free to contact us directly by e-mail at. Health, network, Workwise and Waikato Work and Income have joining together to provide the service which will see two. Formerly the NH Occupational Safety Health, program, now a program of Keene State College and located in Keene, Workwise, nH provides free,.

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