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National Directories of Private, foundations and

1701 American National Bank Building Chattanooga, TN Program Description:  Grants for residents of Chattanooga area who will be working in nursing or social work. .

Contact foundation for further guidelines. Brown Trust 112 Avenue.

Shaking the Money Tree:  How to Get Grants and Donations for Film and Video. . Contact Person:  n/a Lois and Mary. 550 PO Box 40200 Jacksonville, FL Program Description:  Grants for High School Graduates from schools in the southeastern.S.

Barret, Executive Director Gates Foundation 3200 Cherry Creek South, Ste 630 Denver, CO Program Description:  Grants for education and youth services in Colorado Contact Person:  n/a Harold.L.

(PR) c/o Hasbro, Inc. Bishop Memorial Scholarship Fund (also known as Priscilla Hill Warren Bishop Scholarship Fund) c/o.S.

And Mary Boghossian Foundation C/o the Rhode Island Hospital Trust National Bank One Hospital Trust Plaza Providence, RI Program Description:  Scholarships to RI residents. .

Lois and Max Beren Foundation 305 Petroleum Bldg.

(PR) PO Box 1560 Bristol, CT Program Description:  Limited to Connecticut. .

Jones, Senior Vice President, Deposit Guaranty National Bank Robert. Contact Person:  Blanche.

Contact foundation for further guidelines Paul Stock Foundation 1135 14th Street PO Box 2020 Cody, WY Program Description:  Education grants for Cody, WY residents in financial need. . (Washington DC, Carroll Publishing)  Updated tri-annually.

Beckley WV Program Description:  Grants to residents of WV who plan to become teachers. .

Application by letter including resume. Contact Person:  Maxine Marshall, Vice President General Research and Technology Activity Assistant Secretary Policy Development and Research Budget, Contracts and Program Control Division Department of Housing and Urban Development 451 76th St, SW Washington, DC Program Description:  Project grants for research and demonstration projects pre-selected.

Contact Person:  n/a Arkansas Community Foundation, Inc. Grants focused on youth agencies, race relations and seniors. .

Continuing education students at Arizona State University who are AZ residents and.S. Limited to Arizona-based organizations and national organizations that fund programs in Arizona. .