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Obliques womens health

Video: Oblique sit-up with crunch

Kit you'll need 3-8kg medicine ball, swiss ball, how to do it, beginners 2 x 10 reps. As we wave goodbye to the colder weather, we also wave hello to bikini season *gulps.

These five basic yet effective exercises target the obliques (the side abdominal muscles). A few oblique moves can easily add some definition to your side, so try these simple exercises for a little extra va va voom!

All you need to complete this workout is a medicine ball, Swiss ball and a little bit of motivation.

Intermediate 3 x 15 reps, advanced 4 x 15 reps. Shaping up this area does wonders in complimenting a toned tum and waist, so don't think that you've got the mid-section covered if all you're doing are planks and crunches. Fortunately, there's no better time to whittle your waist for tummy-baring tops and body-boosting swimwear.

Use a medicine ball that challenges you to the fullest without compromising your form.

By The Editors of Women s Health, june 22, 2016. Here are seven core moves for a solid workout thatll light up your obliques.

The 25 Best Exercises for Your Obliques These movements will help you sculpt and strengthen these key core muscles By The Editors of Men. Health, Photography By Beth.

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors:.

Parker on obliques for women: A bulge in your abdominal wall that comes out when you cough or sit up and then goes back. This ab workout will target the obliques and abs.

Watch video demonstration of the oblique sit-up with crunch at Women s Health Fitness. Want to sculpt your stomach into shape?