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Horimono womens health

2011-December-15 Expired Domains Archive on 2011/12/15

We have conditioned part of the house to meet the needs of a cafe, and we have started a cultural project with the hope that it will be able to grow for years and years.

Each person or group can use the space as they see fit, and they decide whether to charge admission, pass the hat around or simply share their work with a crowd. We are working every day to create and maintain respectful, horizontal relationships, and to consume responsibly that which the earth gives. So welcome to the project!

What are the funds for? We will screen documentaries and alternative films.

We share in collective decisionmaking, and our economic objective is earn a living wage- the rest of the income would be for continual development and to extend the goals of the project. If you want to collaborate with this initiative, donate a book! It is the only term that exists in an original language to name this continent.

We are compiling a diverse library of alternative and enjoyable music- it is the essence of the house. Thus emerged the collective that runs this project. How does the space work?

And of course, the music!

The majority of the population has limited access books. The patio and garden: This is the coolest space in the house, and despite being a large physical space, the patio is easily becoming the most intimate and welcoming part of the house.

When this campaign ends, we will make the final purchases of equipment, utensils, and provisions. We need your help to raise 5000 dollars turn Casa Abya Yala into a reality. Ask your question Report this project.

Matagalpa, a city in the north. The idea is to have the posibility of poetry readings or acoustic performances, or to facilitate the space to offer our rural friends in our network a site to sell and exhibit the products they till. The grains are cultivated by women in a cooperative- women with histories who have struggled for their land, a dignified job, and economic autonomy.

We visualize this space as much a home for photograhs and paintings as for informative expositions that raise awareness and promote critical thought. Look at our photos on facebook.  It is possible that Matagalpa people originated from a branch of the Toltecs or the Chibchas.