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"That was my lifestyle. I am not sick. The stares and uncomfortable questions still happen, but Bamberger says she also receives compliments and, sometimes, even hugs.

Her teammates were out to win games, not to gossip about someones hair (or lack thereof). She is slated to fight for the Ultimate Fighting Championship's women's strawweight title later this year. "I've thought about what it would be like to look different.

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Boobs would hold me down. By Evin Billington, kylie Bamberger looks every bit the blushing bride in her wedding photos.

As much as random hugs in the grocery store might not seem appealing, theres something about the power of a hug, where even if it might not benefit me, that person who had to give me a hug really feels good about it she says. But my body is designed to move and be agile and be like an Amazon warrior.

He was a professional wrestler. Hair loss doesnt make you unhealthy, and it doesnt make you ugly, she says.

Shes wearing a white ball gown, clutching a bouquet of sunflowers and gerbera daisies, flanked by beaming bridesmaids. She hasnt worn a wig or covered up her head for more than five years. That day, she finally dropped what she calls her phase of being two different people: a blonde and a redhead.

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Being resourceful and creating is a big part of my Lithuanian culture. The turning point in Bamberger's evolution came during collegiate soccer season.

Still, her path to self-acceptance and the unshakeable confidence she boasts today had its ups and downs.

See how Rose and 7 other provocative public figures describe their naked bodies in 3 words: Related: Jessica Simpson Just Posted A Stunning Topless Photo To Celebrate Her Birthday "I have a middle finger that was jammed in one of my craziest fights, and. We have provided online resources for answers to your health questions. When you consider that a bad haircut is enough to send many women into a downward spiral, the fact that Bamberger rocks no hair at all is inspiring.

When I lost my hair, I was so focused on what I had lost, that I hadnt necessarily realized what I had gained.

But theres one major thing that sets her apart from typical brides: Bamberger is totally bald.

Being blonde is not who I am, she says. To her horror, sometimes she was mistaken for a man in the women's restroom, and on more than one occasion, she was called a skinhead.

No one should ever be alienated because of the way that they look. I had gained the ability to finally love myself.