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In May, the World Badminton Federation, hoping to raise the sport's popularity, decreed that starting June 1, all female players must wear skirts on the court "to ensure attractive presentation of badminton." (Following widespread outrage from players and fans alike, the federation is now reviewing.

"I like to hit the ball hard. By William Lee Adams Saturday, July 02, 2011.

Exercise does not mean hitting the treadmill. It's an issue that appears again and again. See the 140 best Twitter feeds).

It featured ├╝berfeminine player Natalie Gulbis, despite the fact that she is ranked. "We want to disprove the clich that all female footballers are butch German midfielder Kristina Gessat told the magazine.

LaVoi, who writes a popular blog on female athletics called One Sport Voice, says there is no evidence that sex actually sells sports.

"What female athletes choose to do to empower themselves personally does oftentimes chip away at the collective power of female athletes and of women's sports.". That may be true.

Reprints, how you feel about Kim Clijsters doing a split in a frilly orange skirt probably depends on your reaction to a well-oiled Caroline Wozniacki serving a tennis ball into a wind machine. "The message is: look, we are very normal and lovely girls!" And last November,.S.

With that in mind, it's harder to fault the WTA. "Yes, these women are beautiful, but we see lots of cleavage and legs, and it's set to music that is reminiscent of soft-core porn says Nicole LaVoi, associate director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls Women in Sports at the University of Minnesota.

Either way, the series of photos and commercials that will roll out in 80 countries over the next two years certainly makes a statement.

Another year has come and gone in what seems like.

When female athletes are featured in ads, it tends to be in ways that hyperfeminize them rather than highlight their athletic competence. Dewey Nicks / Reel Sessions, related, email. In fact, in its 30-second commercials, it blends the provocative imagery with details of the players' lives and that elevates the ads beyond mere fluff.