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Oddly enough, you may not be aware you have it until you visit your gynecologist and have a pelvic examination. The American Cancer Society also recommends that women who have or are likely to have hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer (hnpcc) be offered yearly testing with an endometrial biopsy by age.

What you can do A Pap test can find changes in the cervix that can be treated before they become cancer. The Womens Health Clinic at the Knox County Health Department provides the following birth control options: Oral contraceptives (the pill depo-Provera (the shot).

However, the good news is that cervical cancer is nearly 100 curable if it is found early. What is cervical ectropion?

If youre like most women with cervical ectropion, you wont have any symptoms at all.

Breast and Cervical Cancer screening, education and referrals (for those who meet program guidelines).

Stool DNA test (sDNA every 3 years* * If the test is positive, a colonoscopy should be done.

Cervical ectropion is likely to be discovered during a routine pelvic examination and. Breast cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer that women may face in their lifetime (except for skin cancer). Get regular check-ups and cancer screening tests.

Get moving with regular physical activity.

Women 55 and older should switch to mammograms every 2 years, or can continue yearly screening. You might have some mild discomfort similar to a period for a few hours to a few days.

Should it be treated? Theres no link between cervical ectropion and the development of cervical or other cancers. Youll be able to leave as soon as its over, and you can resume most of your normal activities right away.

All East Tennessee TennCare plans are accepted for services as well as private insurance plans, and payment plan schedules are available for women who are not insured. The multiple stool take-home method should be used. What you can do At this time, there are no good tests for finding ovarian cancer early.

See your doctor if you have bleeding between periods, abnormal discharge, or pain during or after sex. Some clinical services require a fee which may be based on income, diagnosis and/or eligibility.

Check out our guide to vaginal discharge: Whats normal and when should you call your doctor?