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Silesian womens health

The sociodemographic profile of women participating

The information about vitamins intake were collected using 24-hour recall and diet history questionnaire. 12.7 of the sexually active woman applied emergency contraception and 10 women (3.7) used it more than once. This is the result of several years of research conducted on a group of women over 55 from poviat Racibrz.

The algorithm has been developed.

Statistica.0 software was used for statistical analysis.

The mean folic acid content in the diets of 100 women from Lower Silesia was 221.5 mcg and complied in 79 recommended level.

"According to our research, it affects every tenth Polish woman over. For each patient, scientists collected over 200 pieces of data on clinical risk factors for osteoporosis. A group of scientists led by Prof.

Educational interventions are required to inform women and to increase its intake among them.

Aleksandra Werner and.

Magorzata Bach from the Silesian University of Technology.

Pluskiewicz thoroughly examined a population of nearly one thousand women over.

"Now, thanks to the calculator we have developed, the result will allow every woman to independently check the percentage risk of fractures and see a specialist if necessary" - says Prof. However, finding a way to detect the disease process early would be a breakthrough. Thus, most of them would not use any kind of emergency contraception, the reason being either that they were against abortion or that the very concept of emergency contraception was against their personal beliefs.

The algorithm will be useful in daily medical practice, as a guide in further therapeutic treatment. Wojciech Pluskiewicz, originator of the algorithm, head of Metabolic Bone Diseases in the Department of Internal Diseases, Diabetology and Nephrology of the Medical University of Silesia. Therefore, postmenopausal women should undergo bone density testing regularly.

In examined group low knowledge about importance role of folic acid and cobalamine in health was noticed.

Almost all of the respondents heard about emergency contraception, but the majority claimed that it was not a safe method of birth control and should not be administered without prescription. The observation began in 2010. Those young women identify emergency contraception as an abortive method.

We asked questions about sexual life, birth control and emergency contraception. Pluskiewicz reminds that osteoporosis is becoming a civilization disease.