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Nigerien womens health

Irin Rape and beatings of women seen as normal

Skip to Main Content, the report entitled "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices" is submitted to the Congress by the Department of State in compliance with sections 116(d) and 502B(b) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (FAA as amended, and section 504 of the. Burkina Faso, pDF version 04/08/11. Women walked through the centre of Niamey, some of them with tears streaming down their faces, as they realised for the first time that they are not alone in what is happening to them, Quesnel said.

Becky Smith, 724th eabs surgical technician. Now, SOS women and children, and a consortium of other Nigerien NGOs, are focusing on discreetly providing made-to-measure assistance to women, ranging from legal advice to medical care. Botswana, pDF version 04/08/11.

We need strong political leadership to help women, otherwise their rights will never be respected, said Salamatou Traor, a prominent Nigerien womens rights activist. Were not in our bacteria free bubble like in the states, said Tech.

Men started saying that we just wanted these laws so women could marry women and that lesbianism and women were going to take over Niger now, said Traor. That said to me that change can happen.

Taboo, the full extent of the abuse goes unrecorded because no national statistics on the incidence of violence against women have ever been drawn up by the police or the medical services. The medical staff also provided hygiene kits to the women, which included hand sanitizer, soap and anti-bacterial wipes.

The medical section hopes to have more classes in the future with the womens association and cover more healthcare topics that will further improve on the health and welfare of the residents of Agadez and its surrounding communities. They have set up an information point at one of the main markets in Niamey. 04/08/11, angola, pDF version 04/08/11.

Long Santoso, 724th eabs critical care physician.

Girls also need to be educated about their rights and given the intellectual tools to survive in a society dominated by men, activists say. Theres a high fertility rate and infant mortality rate in Niger, coupled with widespread poor hygiene practices and a general lack of resources, something the Ministry of Family Planning is trying to change, said Capt. Progress, despite the odds stacked up against women, rights activists in Niger say they are nonetheless seeing a gradual awareness among some women of their rights, even if men do not offer the same respect.

If she does tell her mother she will often force her to keep it private and tell her to go and sort things out with her husband. The news that 70 percent of women in parts of Niger find it normal that their husbands, fathers and brothers regularly beat, rape and humiliate them came as no surprise to human rights experts in Niger. After the class, all the women who participated completed a written test over the topics discussed and received certificates of completion.

This class came at the request of the association after an initial dental hygiene class. Hospitals and health centres keep records of injuries people are treated for, but not whether injuries were caused by violence, even when a womans bruised face and broken bones are clearly the result of a physical assault, activists say.

At one school seminar I attended a young girl put her hand up and asked why her parents want her to get married and whether she should, said Oxfams Quesnel.