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Doukhobor womens health

Personal Experiences Among the Doukhobors in Canada

Crescent Valley,.C.: Steve Lapshinoff, 1990. Next day the big Brilliant Jam Factory building, the long fruit packing shed, stores, and other buildings were destroyed by a mysterious fire. I am led to believe that these people should be let alone for a time, as they have had sufficient excitement.

Zealots reacted by disrobing. She added: Had they known I had gotten up, they would have come back and killed.

Never were mortals more thankful to get under a roof than we were that day when we reached a Doukhobor village and were taken into one of their comfortable houses, where we had our clothes dried. 12 Lukerya was respected by the provincial authorities, who had to cooperate with the Doukhobors on various matters.

Fortunately, the Act contained the "Hamlet Clause adopted some 15 years earlier to accommodate other communitarian groups such as Mennonites, which would allow the beneficiaries of the Act to live not on the actual land grant, but in a village hamlet within 3 miles (4.8 km). 11 12 Later on, other groups of Doukhoborsresettled by the government, or migrating to Transcaucasia by their own accordsettled in other neighboring areas, including the Borchaly uyezd of Tiflis Governorate and the Kedabek uyezd of Elisabethpol Governorate. You like to work you?

A Doukhobor museum, currently known as "Doukhobor Discovery Centre" (formerly, "Doukhobor Village Museum operates in Castlegar, British Columbia. Indeed, it was one of the privileges of my late visit to the Northwest Territories to converse with these officers, who have had so many perplexing problems to solve in connection with the colonization work of the Dominion. Socknat, 1987 : 235 ).

The pilgrimage was a more serious affair, and was happily brought to an end by the government officials before there were many fatalities from exposure. Sitting there surrounded by water, annoyed by mosquitoes, pretty well covered with mud, and in the midst of a thunder-storm, gave us ample opportunity to moralize upon the blessings of home. He strode along at the head of the procession.

The patriarch, Ivan Mahortov, met me here, having come thirty-five miles to see. My interpreter said he recited some Greek Church hymns dating back to 400.D. Yet there is endless entertainment in traveling on the Canadian Pacific Railway if one studies and sympathizes with the various classes of travelers.

Mahortov said: At least three times during the siege of the city, when the batteries on either side were decimating the ranks of the other, and these were being immediately replaced, he heard repeatedly the appeals from the enemy in these words: Brethren, Russ (Russians). Even here they prospered far beyond what was thought possible by their persecutors.

Prairie trail and slough, west bank of the Saskatchewan. I walked with them for the next eleven miles, conversing with different members of the pilgrim army.

It appears that this quiet diplomacy worked and more Doukhobors accepted registration ( Ibid. Their pacifist beliefs and desire to avoid government interference in their life led to an exodus of one-third of the group from Russia to Canada around 1900. After Russia's conquest of Kars and the Treaty of San Stefano of 1878, some Dukhobors from Tiflis and Elisabethpol Governorates moved to the Zarushat and Shuragel uyezds of the newly created Kars Oblast (north-east of Kars in today's Republic of Turkey ).