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View Article, holiday Cheer, in early winter, whether we're celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas, both or nothing at all, families and friends gather to share food and drink and give thanks for a year successfully completed.

No referral is required to book an appointment to see one of our Naturopathic Physicians or Midwives.

Taking care of our bodies is an important part of enhancing our connection to the life-sustaining forces in and around. Our passion is to provide safe, effective, high quality natural healthcare for patients of all ages.

View Article, yoda and Yoga.

Since 1996, we have been excited to add pregnancy and midwifery care options for expectant mothers and growing families. View Article, find Inspiration in Walden, in this 200th anniversary year of the birth of Henry David Thoreau, each of us can increase our health and well-being by applying his guidance to our regular exercise activities.

Our commitment to health and wellness stems from the personal conviction of each of our dedicated team.

Health Food Stores in Langley in the world of health and wellness, Well Beings Health Nutrition Centre is dedicated to delivering the best products and services is second to none.

How may we help you recover or improve your health? Our Registered Midwives (RM) provide attentive primary care to healthy pregnant women and their newborn babies from early pregnancy, through labour and birth, and up to six weeks postpartum. Read more, don't forget to book Your Live Blood Analysis, held in-store at Well Beings Health Nutrition Centre.

We use Surrey Memorial Hospital for deliveries as a backup hospital only. We want to move beyond just treating the symptoms. Your Spine 101, an adult human spine typically consists of 26 moveable segments: seven cervical vertebras, twelve thoracic vertebras, five lumbar vertebras, one sacrum, and one coccyx (tailbone).

We consider ourselves pioneers in this industry first opening our store back in August, 2000.

We do this by engaging in healthy lifestyle behaviors and choices, of whi. The Sounds of Summer, summertime may mean barbecue and it may mean the beach, but it also means outdoor activities that we haven't engaged in for much of the year such as hiking, biking, volleyball, and tennis. To them, its not just a job, its a way of life.

Family Health Clinic, oUR vision. As one of the recognized leading. Our goal is to offer natural health care with which you and your family can feel comfortable, and also in which you can have complete confidence.

Detective Story, when Sir Arthur Conan Doyles Sherlock Holmes applied himself to a difficult case, he famously utilized his powers of deduction.

We are the longest operating naturopathic medical clinic in Langley with some of the most experienced Naturopathic Physicians currently practicing in British Columbia.