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Yeshivish womens health

Yeshivish mean to you?

Do yeshivish women wear red? Do yeshivish guys ever have firm handshakes?

I know plenty of people who would not refer to themselves as yeshivish, even though their sons and daughters are living it up yeshivish style which basically means they take home 1000 month from kollel and only see their wives for 15 minutes a day. But what if they learn full time at YCT, surely that cannot be considered yeshivish. To be yeshivish a girl must support her husband, real yeshivish girls get what they call a certificate, usually medical billing or administrative assistance type of stuff.

Some folks refer to these people as laid back yeshivish, but God forbid we call them modern. Must you wear your yarmulke on the middle of your head so it peaks out of your hat? 6, show likes Show shared copies.3K.

Is there such a thing as a yeshivish lubavitcher? Does growing your beard longer increase your parnassah?

Is there any truth to this kabalistic urban legend?

To me, if you actually went to college you are relegated to modern, thats how I see it at least and you are free to argue. What about those who learn full time, are they yeshivish? Does it mean you attend yeshiva, if so one who went to Ramaz which has a prom may even be considered yeshivish.

Then I have friends who learn full time, their wives get some secretarial degree from the internet (kosher net of course) but they dont consider themselves yeshivish? Yeshivish people are being sent by various agencies mostly Aish or Wolfson to go and make Heathers and Johns into Chayalas and t if you go into kiruv and leave your beis medrish, can you really be called yeshivish.

Some people look at anyone with a black hat and a non-artscroll shas set as yeshivish and that is simply not the case.

Other similar posts: What does heimishe mean? Then you have people who do not learn at all, but they have peyos behind their ears and eat at chap-a-nosh and say words like shayich and shtuch, thats yeshivish? On frumster they have this question for all of categories: What does Yeshivish Balck Hat/Modern mean to you?

They have two types of Yeshivish, one for those that read the Jewish Press and wear 4 piece yarmulkes and the other for the greasy peyos types that say come have a mezoynos instead of a piece of cake. Must you have a lot of dandruff? Can you have a nice car and still be considered yeshivish?

What do women do behind the mechitza? You could essentially get your BTL and then go to law school, but already you have entered a world of gashmius, unless you go to Touro, Touro College is the cure all, in fact Touro can improve your shidduch status immensely because going to Stern.

I am consistently wondering what on earth yeshivish means. Must you only have a Hebrew name on your birth certificate?

I myself cant really claim any detailed knowledge of this yeshivish business, for I went to a chofetz chaim yeshiva (which apparently isnt even in the system anymore) and according to the real yeshiva world chofetz chaim yeshivas are not yeshviish by any means and. One girl told me that she went to Kingsborough because Brooklyn had other Jews which posed a threat, but having just minorities put everyone out of the question.