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Alawites womens health

Who are the Alawites?

Its mukhtar, or administrator, whose office was festooned with pictures of the Assad family, told me the 70,000 residents had only one elementary school - so overcrowded most children studied in Birzeh instead.

He claimed that Sunnis in the wealthy Homs area of Inshaat did not demonstrate, as they were rich, and "did not even open their car doors for themselves".

We're going to take a look now at the Alawite community at the core of that government. And in order to put them down, the French built a local army and they recruited minorities, largely. This would help me understand how Saudi Arabia was a chess piece in the hands of world Zionism, he said.

That morning two State Security officers had been killed in an ambush on the road.

In Damascus, militia groups within Druse, Christian and Shiite areas are being armed by the government. For instance, they provided a disproportionate number of soldiers to the French mandate government, forming about half of the troupes spciales du Levant. God, however, reveals himself periodically to humankind in a Trinitarian form.

Al Jazeera and Arur today he said, referring to Sheikh Adnan al-Arur, an incendiary sectarian Sunni cleric broadcasting in support of the opposition from exile.

We dont have anything.". "Jews are the cause of corruption in the world he told. That is fraying now.

After defeating and evicting the British-backed Syrian King Faysal in 1920, France, in a divide-and-rule strategy, partitioned Syrian territories into four parts, one of which was Latakia, where most of the population was Alawite.

They rejected the idea that the regime's crackdown on protesters made the situation worse, stating that the presidents announced reforms should have been enough to placate the opposition. Have become more than a fringe element. We wound up narrow roads past green mountain villages before coming to a one-room concrete structure where many officers and government officials had gathered to pay their respects to the family of Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Shawkat Ahmad.

Landis: Thank you for having. And they're unlikely to splinter into a bunch of groups. The sergeant, also Alawite, hailed from a Latakia mountain village.

Visit our website terms of use and permissions for further information. The army only shot into the air during demonstrations, the men insisted.

Second, outside governments should intensify their efforts to hold all perpetrators of mass atrocities accountable at the International Criminal Court, regardless of their allegiance. The general stressed there was a media war against Syria. "Our orientation is education." Janud agreed: "This is a conflict between ignorance and knowledge he said.

On the other hand, during much of Ottoman rule, Alawites could practice their religion and a few enjoyed official positions. I visited Ish al Warwar, or "Nest of the Bee-eater Bird" with Abu Baha, another sergeant in the security forces. "They don't have a mind." He seemed baffled and frustrated by his mental image of the protesters: "How do you talk to somebody who wants to get seventy virgins and go to paradise and have rivers of wine?

So increasingly, over the year this has evolved into a much more sectarian division of labor here.

He suggested I visit after I told him Sunnis said Alawites controlled Syria and benefitted from the regime. An official blueprint of the area had been made but no further action was taken.