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The 26 Best Fashion Blogs of 2017 - theFashionSpot

Pitcher, kasey Cooper, dothan, Ala. They are super stylish too! I've never had such a sudden onset of menstrual pain in my life, as I literally went from feeling on top of the world to curling into a ball and sobbing in agony.

(ooph.) I did have him loosen it quite a bit, though.

Not only does she offer you insightful pieces on improving your skin regime, where to travel, tasty eats but her hair diaries are ones to bookmark! Let us glory in all our glorious womanhood, my lady friends, and freak out the men-folk with our talk of chocolate-cravings and heavy flows! OB-GYN visits to my bra size with you guys, so hey, why not?

All I know is that it definitely works. Highly intelligent, her tips will change your bad hair days to good ones!

Infield Kylan Becker Miami, Fla. You have been warned. Speaking of which, I know there are (at least) several doctors who read Epbot, so if any of you would care to weigh in on this in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

If you read that fast it looks like "womanly miniseries." Ha!

Note : Gentlemen, there is nothing in this post that speaks to your interests, unless of course your interests include a lady friend who suffers from menstrual cramps. Pitcher Carley Hoover Clemson,.C.

Outfield Megan Kleist Appleton, Wis.

Infield, valerie Arioto, pleasanton, Calif. Outfield, aubree Munro, brea, Calif.

Oh, and the only negative side effect to magnesium is that it can be a diuretic/laxative if you take too much of it - but that's actually kind of a good thing for a lot of us around that time, am I right? (It looks like there's plenty of evidence to support this, too; here's one from the University of Maryland, for example, or just google "magnesium menstrual cramps" for more.).

Within minutes I was feeling much better, but of course I attributed that to the pain pills. Infield Delanie Gourley Lakeside, Calif. Instagram: @Urbanbushbabes, if you havent heard, or dont already follow these twins where have you been hiding?