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Lindybeige womens health

YouTube historian Lindybeige claims Medieval armies didn T use fire

After receiving many comments asking if he was wearing the same shirt, he made a video explaining that he has many such shirts and how he makes them from more typical storebought shirts. 83 note 3 He also made two videos eviscerating the British Conservative Party shortly after the 2015 United Kingdom general election.

In practice, Benjamin spends his time attacking "the left" (read: anyone from the Democrats to Chavez 6 ridiculing "the media" (read: literally any news with adjectives 7 complaining about "identity politics" (especially people he labels. USA Today "A serious force in American Education".

Do you not think that there can be people who could look at that and say 'well, actually, I think that's a targeted effort to reduce the amount of white people.' "Nazis are Bad" Aug 21, 2017 "Answering Nazi Comments" Aug 23, 2017 m/RealKraut/status/ m/RealKraut/status.

V2tqxnhtxyIg t240s Christmas Eve Shitposting Stream Sargon of Akkad Livestreams, December 24, 2016 Punished Shitposting with #JonTron Sargon of Akkad Livestreams, January 27, 2017 m/sargonofakkad100/photos/a. VahD2xmllax8 Discussing Syria and the Middle East with Ryan Dawson - Sargon of Akkad Livestreams (Feb 24, 2016) My Political Compass Results (Jun 26, 2015) /JXQa6 m/watch? Boarding School of Horrors : Lloyd discusses his largely unpleasant experiences at public school in a couple of videos.

Just because the White Helmets have been caught falsifying info before, doesn't mean a miracle didn't occur here. 137 Rabidly anti-feminist Paul Elam of A Voice for Men.

White people do not have superior qualities compared to other races. 242 243 External links edit This is not technically a conspiracy theory, but is just an example of Benjamin being embarrassingly misinformed and ignorant.

Benjamin goes on to" the socialist novel The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists 104 Compare his 2015 views on Black Lives Matter : I believe there are a lot of black guys who are unjustly shot. In contrast, he thinks the critical establishment tends to look down upon artists such as hyperrealist sculptor Ron Mueck who puts a huge amout of skill and craftsmanship into his creations, but the public loves him because they see that the artist is making such.

39 Benjamin later maintained that he was "not even sure that there is proof of a chemical weapons attack." 40 Benjamin later presented as fact the debunked 41 theory that a Syrian girl was photographed in three separate "staged" rescues. I didn't say I knew what the UFO was, I just told you what I saw.

VH-5gPymRYq4 1 2 m/Sargon_of_Akkad/status/ (dead link) m/watch? The Berserker : A "Berserker" was a sort of elite soldier rather than just anyone who went mad while fighting, and while roaring and biting of shields was done as either an intimidation tactic or a coping mechanism for facing down impending doom, it wasn't. 1, this is probably a bust.

That means that they're minor characters. They seem to be part of their political momentum and activism. Robertson : It's a really sort of- I know, I know.

Retrieved "Examining the Right Wing British Blowhards Using to 'Prove Everybody Wrong (in en-ca).

"Q217 a series based on, the Book of Questions by Gregory Stockfield, a party-piece book with questions meant to spur philosophical conversation. He never explained why the assessment of Snopes was inaccurate (probably because it is true so the likely conclusion is he is either incompetent or openly lying to his audience.

He was actually a DNC insider who was a Bernie supporter who was totally disaffected by the Hillary Clinton campaign. In Cinquedea - Venice's five-fingered dagger of mild doom, he opines that the short, broad blade of the cinquedea is not very good for thrusting, and that while it may have some use as a short but sturdy weapon to parry full-sized swords, he suspects.

Speaking Okay, so that's false, so I'm dealing with lies on both sides.

Knife-throwing (and by extension shuriken throwing ) may be cool and an impressive skill, but according to his video Throwing knives (again), it's not very efficient and has relatively few applications in combat.