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Role of Women in Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe

The osu shave their heads,. The Europeans buy palm-oil and palm kernels from the Igbo at a high price, and many Umuofians profit from the trade. Women are in charge of 'women's crops' like melons, beans, and cocoa yams, and they look after livestock, like goats and chickens.

So the Umuofians now have more. The narrator describes, Low voices, broken now and again by singing, reached Okonkwo from his wives huts as each woman and her children told folk stories (96). When Okonkwo breaks the Peace of Ani, Ezeani proclaims, The evil you have one can ruin the whole clan.

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Kiaga, an African convert, takes charge of the new church in Mbanto; the white priest goes to Umuofia.

While women in the Igbo society of the 1890s appear to be thoroughly subjugated to their male counterparts, are they depicted by Achebe as utterly powerless? Okonkwo has prospered in Mbanto, but he knows he would have prospered more in Umuofia. When Chielo takes Ekwefi's daughter, Ekwefi follows immediately.

Brown restrains overeager members of his church from provoking villagers who cling to the old ways.

The dissolution of the old way of life saddens him as he sees the once fierce Umuofians becoming more and more "soft like women." He mourns for the clan, "which he saw breaking up and falling apart" a phrase that again recalls the book's title. Women play a major role. The kernels can be processed by machine for the extraction of a very fine oil.

But Chielo ignored what he was trying to say and went on shouting that Agbala wanted to see his daughter. He and Obierika discuss what has happened.

Anis power is further illustrated through her role in the yam harvest. The quality and quantity of the food rivals that of a wedding feast; Okonkwo outdoes himself to show his gratitude to his mother's clan.

Ezinma, to wait until the return to Umuofia to take a husband. The people of Mbanto meet to decide what to do about this new religion. More trouble arises when one of these osu converts kills a python, which is a sacred animal and the emanation of the god of water.

  In addition to these notable examples of the power of these women, we observe women performing various roles sprinkled throughout the novel. Analysis: Achebe's portrait of the Christians is as fair and balanced as his portrait of the Igbo; remember that his own parents were Christian missionaries.

In the Oracle role she can be, and often is, involved in deciding punishment within the clan. White laws are not superior or more humane than the laws of Umuofia, yet the whites insist that Igbo laws are inferior.

However, it's also more acceptable for women to have emotional outbursts than men, so this makes Ekwefi's actions more acceptable.

However, Basden ultimately misunderstood Igbo culture, writing. However, there is one exception. He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart" (126-7).

Analysis: Disintegration of Igbo society is central. Glossary the new dispensation the new system; the new organization of society under British influence.