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Chitrali womens health

In Chitral, home is the opium den for women and children braving

Among these popular festivals are Phindik, observed in June, and Geeve, observed in December and January, he adds.

Majority of Baroghil's residents spend their hard-earned money on buying opium. We intend to break down barriers to womens economic growth, including supporting policies that create an enabling environment for women to gain access to finance.

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A joint effort by the government, local NGOs and the community can substitute the role of mass media in such areas. The addiction has created serious economical, physiological and health problems among locals.

70 per cent in Baroghil addicted to opium. If women took part in concerts, we could produce more female musicians and keep Chitrali culture and poetry alive, she says.

75,.001) than persons informed by other sources.

Soon after this, religious leaders began exercising state power and changed the structure of society in the valley, reveals Dr Faizi. Saleem also hopes to be able to provide a platform for all women in the valley to showcase and polish their musical abilities.

Our dispenser at the health centre also became addicted to the drug and was arrested by police on charges of smuggling opium to Baroghil, the official reveals. "Without provision of funds and basic facilities, it would be very difficult to control the addiction the official, who asked not to be named, opines.

We then randomly selected 7 households from each village and inteviewed the eldest women of the family.

The idea is to embed lifelong empowerment feeling in the minds of the beneficiary girls and on the other hand empower those women by making them the decision makers. One specific brand of salt consistently had sufficient iodine concentration (91) compared to all others (47) (p.001).