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Hot Tub Infections - Risks of Bacteria In Hot Tub

We call it hot tub lung, says. Safer Soaking You don't have to swear off hot tubs forever.

The risks are lower than if you'd had unprotected sex, but consider this: Roughly 1 in 6 people from ages 14 to 49 has genital herpes, and the virus loves to live in warm, damp areas like, yes, the rim of a hot tub. Add alcohol and you're at greater risk of both, as the warm water gets you tipsy and dehydrated more quickly. Other possible perils include heat stroke and heat exhaustion from being in one too long (just 10 to 15 minutes is recommended says.

Legionnaires disease, a type of pneumonia caused by a germ called Legionella, which is found in water (especially warm water) and can be breathed in from the steam or mist surrounding a contaminated hot tub - people older than age 50, smokers and those with. "You just dip them into the water before you get in she says. Cecile Rose, an environmental and respiratory health expert at National Jewish Health, a medical center in Denver.

While hot tub rash typically clears up on its own without treatment, another more serious condition to be aware of is the potentially fatal. When those disinfectant levels shoot back up again, it doesn't necessarily disappear.

That means with five people, "you have a tablespoon of poop in the hot tub." And beyond the gross-out factor, without safe levels of disinfectant, you can run the risk of transmitting diseases, he says. If the idea of a long soak in a steaming hot tub conjures up sigh-inducing images of relaxation and romance, we're about to, uh, burst your bubble.

The Heat Kills Sperm Instantly. Addicted to being massaged all over by those hot-water jets?

More bad news: Mycobacteria arent your only unwelcome bathing buddies. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Think you'd be safe as long as you just sit and watch from the sidelines?

(This was the same bacteria that was found in the Playboy Mansion tub earlier this week, leaving 123 people sick). "At that point it stays in the water and waits for the level to come down again to multiply Hlavsa says. ( Jersey Shore ) Nopethe temperatures aren't high enough.

You Asked: Your Top 10 Health Questions Answered. In a 2009 study on hot-tub injuries, 49 such cases some of them fatalwere found over a 16-year period.

Proximity Effect, there are more unexpected danger zones. If you suspect you've been exposed to hepatitis A, getting a hep-A vaccine within two weeks may protect you from a full-on infection, according to the Mayo Clinicand if you start experiencing symptoms, check in with your doc for an action plan. But don't fret: There are still certain antibiotics it will respond to, so make sure to check in with your doc for a prescription if a staph infection strikes.

When you turn on the jets, this bacteria becomes aerosolized, and you inhale it, Rose explains.

Maybe it's time to invest in your own Jacuzzi bathtub. Rose is describing a type of lung inflammation that she and other researchers have linked to hot tubs. From easing stress to lowering heart disease risk, focusing your mind can do some amazing things for your body.

Getting toxic shock syndrome from a tub is rare, says. Legionella that can lead to Legionnaires diseasea severe form of pneumonia.

When it comes. "People tend to sit in hot tubs for a while, so their skin is exposed to contaminated water for a while.". A study in the.