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I added the helpful caption.

What Kind of Girls Are Best In Bed? Product Details, release Date: 07/15/2008, uPC:, original Release: 2008, rating: NR, source: Comedy Central.

Its a show of fascinating contradictions: disgusting, yet gratifying; not funny, yet hilarious; gross, yetactually, its pretty gross.

What's the Best Human Organ to Eat?

Best Answer:  honesty I would say rum but in truth. This actor is in more than one episode, often as the fat guy who ate too much and needs to take a dump, though this is the only time his poop spray looks like gold. Disc #1 - Best of Manswers: The Season One Top 25 Manswers.

Is She a Hooker or a Cop? Im going to start writing in Doo Doo Man font from now. Women always be nutrient intaking.

Overview, mANswers: The Best of Season One. It cost 3 million to film.

This collection of material from the first season of Spike TVs. Is the Death Touch for Real?

Even if there werent any cameras filming. And best of all, it uses the tried-and-true.

Know what else females and dugongs have in common?

Also, whats on his shirt? Except instead of layers of guitar, there are fart sound effects and a car horn honk every time a woman with large breasts appears onscreen. Whale Puke sounds like a band name Andy Dwyer would have come up with.

the bartender is having none of these four ladies.

Ive had Taco Bell, havent I? How have Guys Gotten a Happy Ending at High-Class Massage Parlors?

Chinese Democracy method of piling noise on top of noise on top of noise, etc. Which Animal Is Most Like Having Sex With a Woman?