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Teaching womens health

Resources for teaching about women s health

Without health, we cannot have the energy, stamina, or motivation to succeed in all the areas of life that need our participation. Each of the 12 parts of the course have journal requirements for certification, which you write and complete at your own pace, and email.

The time for feminine healing has begun! Do you want to mentor women to achieve conscious healing, vitality, and longevity?

Livingston WW, Healy JM, Jr, Jordan HS, Warner CK, Zazzali.

Results: Curriculum and topics were developed by reviewing existing women's health courses and identifying strengths and gaps.

Journey through the history of women healers and a holistic perspective of women's health for the body, mind, heart and soul.

Start leading Women's Healing Arts Circles in your community today. Learn about natural breast health for enhanced feminine vitality and longevity Discover techniques and information that every woman can utilize to create empowered breast health in every stage of life Know how to care for your breasts naturally with massage, exercise, and nutrition Discover lifestyle. NEW bonus: 6 Advanced Video Trainings from Fall 2017 Special bonus video trainings on new current research in holistic women's wellness and additional business training for teachers in marketing and event planning.

Get instant access when you sign up now to the whole course in our online global classroom. McPhee SJ, Mitchell TF, Schroeder SA, Perez-Stable EJ, Bindman.

Bonus: The Breast Essentials Course Bonus 7 Part Video Training for Natural Breast Health you get instant access to! You will also get the feedback, community, education and support you need to become confident as a women's wellness educator, mentor, and advocate.

Pemberton AG, Margolis KL, Mink PJ, McGovern PG, Lurie. This course covers the full spectrum of a women's sexual life passages from natural menstrual health, conscious fertility, holistic pregnancy and birth, the menopausal mysteries and sacred sexuality.

Would you like to have specific self-care practices and techniques that you can teach any women to assist her to take charge of her health and tap into her own ecstatic potential? Join our 12 part online global course to uplift and empower women's health, vitality and wellness through conscious education, inspiration and advocacy. Discussion: Although the particular health topics women face may vary by geographic location, the theoretical underpinnings and lifespan approach will stay the same.

Today, c-sections are the #1 surgery performed in the. Your enrollment includes lifetime access to this course and the online private Facebook community.

Assessing the needs of women and clinicians for the management of menopause in an HMO. We will learn to heal ourselves, and teach other women how to empower themselves with natural healing techniques. If you answered "YES!" than this online program is for YOU!