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41 Things I Have Learnt From Shaving My Head - Huffington Post

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Just a few months ago I had very long hair and never imagined that I could be rocking a shaved head for the Winter. 30 - Not using your hair dryer and hair straighteners daily keeps down your personal carbon footprint.

Being bald means thinking about hair (or scalp) care in a whole new light. Womankind Worldwide partner with women's rights organisations who are tackling the day to day issues that affect women's lives and who are creating impact.

Here are 41 things that I have learnt and experienced since shaving my head. 37 - I only need one towel now, like my friend said 'Oh you shower like a boy.' 38 - You have new found respect for people that you have just met that ask if they can rub your head.

Sorry mum!) 15 - You don't have to have a hair tie on your wrist permanently or be constantly looking for one.

Dont ditch the shampoo and conditioner.

Baldricks Foundation Whether youve recently shaved or youve been sporting the no-hair look for years, do you know the best bald head care practices? . On the one hand, it's a weapon in conflict and a punishment designed to take something away from women and then on the other it is a symbol of feminism, boldness and personal empowerment.

Pediatric cancer is the number one disease killer of our children, and researchers need better funding to find cures. News, super blue moon lunar eclipse: What you can expect to see in Houston area.

17 - You find yourself having conversations with men about their hair and experiences of shaving.

In fact, we want to see your bald head! Baldricks to raise money for childrens cancer research. They do it for one reason: to cure cancer.

Hair care professionals from across the.S. With a donation, you can help woman to transform their lives in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

By supporting one woman to speak you can reach hundreds more. 26 - When it rains, your hair does not go frizzy. Keep hydrated and moisturize, especially during the dry winter months, or if your head gets a little too much sun, your scalp can become dry and rough.

Answered our call for advice, and they gave us some great tips! 23 - There is no hiding your face or your eyes when you don't have hair. I couldn't see in a mirror so was just watching the audience who at times were laughing and joking as my hair went through various stages including a mohican.

By Emily Kilpatrick,. Check out these five tips for growing out your hair Heres how to do it: Starting with all 10 fingertips on your head, apply gentle pressure and move your fingers around your scalp, working from your forehead, to the crown of your head, and down.

Hold your head high, you shaved your head to help kids with cancer, and thats something to be proud of! I had no idea! News 'Will you stop?