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Itsekiri womens health

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They are raping you in front of your sister. One army man just used his leg and hit her stomach and she miscarry.

Day and night huge gas fires rage in massive pits and towers, spewing noxious gases and filth into peoples homes and farms.

They are raping your sister in front of your mother. Tania Branigan and John Vidal explain.

To put that into context, the company's joint venture with the Nigerian government extracts hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crude oil each year. Indeed, efforts at compensation have been case(s) of broken promises, development programmes that are abandoned halfway, poor quality facilities that break down and simply rust away as soon as they are installed (Okonta and Douglas, 2001: 106).

We are lying on the ground nothing to sleep.

It is indeed necessary to look beyond ones own expectations and preconceptions about resistance to violence to avoid the risk of neglecting the entire range and variety of womens responses in different cultural and political contexts. Check Your Email, follow the link we sent to your email address to verify your account.

In some instances, the soldiers ended up giving them food, albeit very meagre amounts. It also allows for the inclusion of a broad range of actions and forms of resistance.

At that time the women decided that come dead or alive they would still hold their meetings.

Resistance can take many forms, some of which are explicit in their actions and consequences and others less. Gone in 60 seconds, binky Felstead Reveals Cervical Cancer Scare: I Had Part Of My Cervix Removed.

Sokari Ekine blogs at www. They have also refused to alter work routines and habits such as opening up market stalls, collecting water, participating in womens meetings and they have struggled to maintain their daily routines amidst the chaos and violence that surrounds them.

Diana Barikor-Wiwa explains: Of course they spoke with their men if that is translated into English, its a bit like bedroom talk.

Through the specially created Nigerian Military Task Force for the Niger Delta with specific orders to shoot-to-kill protesting indigenes, Obasanjo demonstrated his propensity to use brute force to compel silence and acquiescence.4 - The invasion of Odi Town on the direct orders of Obasanjo.

On the contrary, they acknowledged the womens pain and suffering. The multinational oil companies mainly Shell, Chevron/Texaco and Elf have treated both the people and the environment with total disdain and hostility (Okonta and Douglas, 2001). The women supported each other and organised themselves according to traditional ways.

Money has been thrown into organisations by oil companies and by people from the community who benefit from the oil companies. Gemma Atkinson Reveals The 3 Sweet Snacks That Save Her From Bingeing WH cover star Gemma Atkinson is no stranger to cravings Going Sober?

Insulation consists of a turning inward to family and kin as an alternative way of gaining recognition, power, and resources. The responses of rape victims and their families in Ogoniland were very different from those of Choba.