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Blachman womens health

Not so great Dane: '

Blachman defended the show Wednesday to a British newspaper insisting he was actually doing women a favor as the female body thirsts for the words of a man. A smarmy, bald and bloated judge on the Danish version of the X Factor has created and cast himself on a crass European TV show in which he and a fat, wire-haired toady make fun of naked womens bodies. Kind of sounds like an X-rated version of my morning jog.

Whether it be negative or positive commentary, why are evaluations and judgements about women's bodies so prevalent and dominant in our culture? Youre thirsty right now, right? Dont bite the hand that feeds you.

Whether you are a supermodel, a teenager or even s ecretary of state, if youre a female, there are people all around you ready to tell you how bad your body looks.". Blogger, lotte Hansen, for one, asked DR2 channel to cancel the show, calling it "disgusting" and "an outrage.". The Copenhagen, voice reported on reactions to "Blachman" in Denmark.

On another, he admits, Ive always been an ass man.

Because the entitlement it promotes can lead to violence. The concept of the television program, which appears to have been thought up by a group of baked 14-year-old boys in their mom's basement, features two very mediocre looking and old "judges" evaluating the naked body of a silent woman. Daily Mail, afton Bladet).

In 2003, Lorenzo Lamas and Rachel Hunter were part of a reality TV series called. As criticisms pour in, the producers continue to defend their sorry excuse for a show. .

Not a day goes by without a stranger letting me know what he thinks about my body. The, sun that the critics shouldn't be judging what is beneficial for women and men.

Is so degrading and senseless it makes the nude body-judging contests on the.

The female body thirsts for words. As I've said in a previous piece for. The show, called "Blachman is so vulgar that I wonder if it's not a feminist conspiracy whose sole function is to prove how screwed up our view of women.

Thomas Blachman, who the show is named after, came up with the concept and will be joined by a "guest judge" every week. Blachman himself seems unfazed by the criticism.

He said, The entire idea of the show is to let men talk about the bodies of naked women while the woman is standing right in front of them.

A 2005 study found that viewers felt higher anxiety about their own bodies after seeing body criticism on television, and research from 2004 found that young girls were likely to internalize the appearance ideals they see in the media.